imf-reg-api Home

This is the the demo API server and reference code. Documentation  is on github `DPP URL to be inserted`.

The Menu above lets you test out how the API works and to see what responses and headers you
might expect. Please post any issues to `Issue url for DPP`. All the menus are available When
installed on a local machine. If you're using the cloud instance, then some of the menus may
be disabled for security or to be nice to other users.

* **API Demo** lets you play with the API
   * Buttons will appear that let you query, add and delete assets
   * It should be difficult to break the installation using the buttons
   * The urls are displayed with each call. You can write your own code to hit
     those endpoints and you should get the same responses
   * The online version of the app **WILL** allow you to delete assets with
     your own code. There may be other users testing at the same time, so
     bear in mind that strange results might be because someone else in the
     world is playing with the database.
   * The database might be reset at any moment by someone hitting the
     crawl button. Please don't abuse the system or it will be taken down
   * If you are running the demo code locally then you should get consistent results
* **Crawl FS** allows you to crawl a file system and populate a database
   * The crawl functionality will crawl the IMF resouces in the folders
    specified in `config/mode.json`.
   * By default the database will load the small test files supplied with
     the demo software for testing purposes.
   * When the database is populated with resources you can fire queries from
     the _API Demo_ page to test everything is working.
* **Admin** - allows returning information and other setup functions
   * Info will tell you general configuration of the app
   * dB-info will tell you the database plugin that is running
   * RESET DATABASE might be visible and will allow you to delete the database
     and recreate a brand new empty one

If you're going to develop with the software then look at the supplied and be sure to run the test suite before hacking away.

If you're just going to use the software to test out no-file-name workflows
then update config.json to point at a folder of IMF assets and off you go.