Sample Register

Sample Register update 2021-10-18

Sample Register update 2021-10-18

This narrative is a markdown file that should accompany each update to a register to give the visitor changelog information and a basic background to the register.

This Register is just a sample to check that the project works. You can disable this register by changing its config.json so that the framework ignores it.

To test the conversion tools, paste the data below, select the right tool and off you go.

YAML sample

- uint16: 1
  english: one
  french: un
- uint16: 2
  english: two
  french: deux
- uint16: 3
  english: three
  french: trois

XML Sample. To make reversible xmljson, this is actually {"root": {"item": smpteJson} }

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

Status of the sample register:

  • current version of the register is the reference
  • previous version of the register demonstrates that current has had a new term added
  • candidate version of the register demonstrates that a new term will be added and there have been new optional properties added to each term